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Letter requesting more information on families

May 2, 2009

Dear cousins
No, we haven’t had more snow but we’ve certainly had the rain. IT is bring the May flowers that April showers promise. My yard is bursting at the seams with flowers and beautiful things.
I’ve put so much work and BS into my yard, bag after bag after bag, each year I’ve probably added 100 bags, and this year 18 cubic yards of sandy top soil. It’s starting to work. I’ve transplanted and carried seeds from other peoples yards as I go on walks in the fall and planted them in the yard and in the city property next to mine which has been neglected the five years I’ve lived here.
See my Blog, “home and garden” to read about all the improvements we’ve been able to make this year and see photos.
Especially funny is the one “my rail fence is blooming” We’re not used to this much rain!
It’s like when Brent was 12 and we drove through the mid west and he asked, “how do they keep this all irrigated?”
I loved Jerome’s article. It’s what I’ve been saying in my books, “Turn the Hearts of the Children.” I hope you will all read and enjoy them. They are novels about my two youngest, Brent and Lynae, traveling through space and time to vistit the New Mexico relatives through the 400 years of NM history.
They are on the blogs. Volume III is written by Eliseo. Volume 4 is Jacobs/Hoblit History.
Spaniards and Conquistadores has some fantasy writing of our earliest known ancestors coming from Spain, and Cabesa de Vaca’s Mayan mother of three of his children from whom we descend as well.
Genealogy is just pedigree charts and family sheets that Uncle Eliseo and I put together through years of research, and the others are just more information on family. The psychobabble ones are just that.

Lickin’ & groomin’ is a special cognitive therapy blog for those who are dealing with inherited bipolar spectrum illness; I will post your articles on bipolar there, as well as in adult psychopathology. Mary might enjoy looking at that and passing it on to clients who deal with family inherited mental illness.
It refers to other websites of psychiatrists and psychologists a lot more knowledgeable than I.
I hope you and your children enjoy reading them and passing along family history. I hope my children read my stuff and the stuff you added to it; I put that in Bustamante history and Spaniards and Conquistdores. I often duplicate among the blogs in case someone misses it in one they can catch it in another.
Lola Lynda

You did mention you had Bustamante genealogy linking us to Christopher Columbus when you were here. I would love to see that and blog it as well as anything else you might have that I don’t have.

Come on, cough it up or I’ll bug you forever. You know I will..

Please pass this information to all you know and love

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

excellent genealogy goodies

From: LoLyn
Date: 4/12/2009 7:49:44 PM
Subject: Re: Hi back from the east coast cuz!

Good to hear from you; when you wake up in the morning it will be like Christmas morning if you go to the ancestor's and geneology web site. Not that this information is not on the disks, it is just so awesome to know I am making it available world wide. Grandma Grace and my about to be born grandson are doing a jig in the spirit world tonight.

-------Original Message-------

Date: 4/12/2009 7:41:26 PM
Cc: \";;
Subject: Hi back from the east coast cuz!

It's about time we heard from you... How are you? It seems this is the season for genealogy as I have been doing some research and thanks to Lynda I have the bridge for the Jacobs line, that connects us to the "famous" Jacobs. It seem that the stuff is just falling into my lap right now. But most of it is thanks to the people that have done the basic footwork. What I have been doing is correlating others research and plugging it into our family. Now to see what Temple work has been done. There are several lines back to jolly old England and there seems to be some minor nobility, which makes the tracking VERY easy.
We are fat and sassy as usual and doing well. Spring is springing and it is a beautiful time of year here. We are still looking for a way to come west again but with the economy as it is it make the prospects much slimmer. Eric has several applications in at this time, so we are waiting. ( I hate to wait) We took a big hit on taxes this year so it might be a while before we can venture west for a visit. I do want to come back as soon as we can. We are planting a vegetable garden in raised beds so I can reach them. (Getting old is #$%@) I don't think we have seen the worst of this economic situation so having a few tomato's will help and be good too. Our food storage is in better shape than it has been. But there is always more to do.
Mike is still finding out what he wants to do with his life. He is exploring all sorts of possibilities, with Nursing being one of them. He says that at least he could support a family with nursing and we will always need health care workers. But he has not finally decided. There is no rush and we support him in what ever he decides. OK, Now I have to go to bed, this is the first time in ages that I have been the last one up. Usually I'm like the chickens, gets dark and I'm down. Take care of yourself and give your sweet wife a big hug from me.
PS hi every body else...

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From: Duane Jacobs
Cc: Lola Lynda Fetzer ;;
Sent: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 7:29 pm
Subject: (no subject)


Lynda has many excellent genealogy goodies she wants us all to have. You will recall the neat cd's she prepared and gave each of us, including you.

This letter is to put you in contact with each other, so you can all do more of the same.

I hope all is well with our Eastern seaboard cousins.

Love ya,


Monday, April 13, 2009

What's in a Name?

You have to have all the family names to make a family tree.

Just like a real tree needs all its leaves and branches.

LoLyn 1995

My Four Grandmothers

Four Gramdmothers

As I was growing up, and as my children were growing up, we liked to read stories together of the pioneers and early days, to get to know how things were done and how people acted. I always thought as I read them, how lucky they were to have lived in times so different from ours so they could write about them and have interesting things to say.

Through the years, I began to see that the changes in our lifetimes have been interesting, and the differences between my mother's world, and my world, compared to my children's world and their children's world are wonderful and indeed worth writing about.

In my family, our ancestors came to North America as early as l570 from the Canary Islands, near Spain, and early l600's my fathers family came with the early pilgram fathers. One of our earlies anscestors to live in the new Americas was George Jacobs, who lived in the Massachusetts colony of Salam and was actually hung for witch craft during the Salem Witch craft trials (see internet and there is a movie , The Crucible,about that time. That is another story and is recorded in history (and on this website). From there the Jacobs spread across the territories and into the west where my father was born in South Dakota in l907. His father and mother were ranchers as their parents had been, and they had helped to settle the territories. From Dakota to Texas came my father and his father and from there to Arizona.

My grandmother brought with her from Dakota a wooden chest that had been made for her mother from her mother's wooden dining room table. That chest was given to my Aunt and she gave it to me and I gave it to Jenny. It is a symbol to me of the sacrifices and the courage of my forefatahers.

I have nothing of my Mother's parents. They died when she was a baby. Mother has her mother’s baby picture with her triplet siblings and a wedding picture of her parents. But I bestow upon Lynae, my youngest daughter, the momentus title of "the youngest daughter, of the youngest daughter, of the youngest daughter, or the youngest daughter, who was born a triplet at birth.

Mother's people were among the very earliest settlers of the New Mexico territories, and were citizens of Spain until their lands came to be in the United States territories. Their influence through out the history of the west is great and it is a great heritage as is my fathers'.

I do not have as some the stories of emigrants from other countries, but of western settlers the earliest of citizens of the United States of America.

All I have of my grandmothers' is what my uncles and aunts have told me over the years. I want to leave something for my grandchildren and so I am writing this book as a letter to my grand children. Maybe someday they will give it to their children and their children's children, and know that although our lives might be very different, there is a courage and a pioneer spirit that runs strong among our family

So my dear grandchildren, this is for you from your Grandma Lynda.

See Turn the Hearts of the CHildren Volumes I and II, and also the blog "Lickin' and groomin' for a DNA genealogy of our family.

This generation: Turn the Hearts of the Children IV (preview)

What's in a name?

Lynae sat quietly, lookng at the collection of rubber address stamp reading each different address aloud to no one in particular.

"Our names are so much alike Lynae == Lynda
Brent Jacobs" she observed to the same audience

"Names seem to run in the family--I mean certain names." Mom observed. "You have two cousins named after Uncle David Duane, who is named after our Uncle Duane David, and the name David Jacobs goes back.
The Jacobs name has been traced directly back to George Jacobs
but, with all those generations there are only really a few that carried on the name from Grandpa Frank Elmers Father."
"He was the only son?"
"Frank and Grace had four sons and three daughters."
Exactly like you mom, only opposite!"
"Two of them didn't have sons, Uncle Caton had two sons, but one died (Timer) young, and the other didn't have ay sons to carry on the name, so it was left to my brothers Frank Glenn and David Duane. Uncle Glenn has has only one son, Ford Glenn, and only granddaughters so far.
"Uncle Duane had four sons, but so far only one grandson with the last name Jacobs so in your children's generation there only one Jacobs boy." (2000, his four sons now have a dozen Jacobs' boys, so the name is safe)
"Well, all Uncle Duane's married kids are having babies this summer --but the sonograms say they are all girls. So we run a little light in the name area."
Lynae campaigned, "But we are as much Jacobs as we are--one fourth."

"Maybe it only counts if you carry the name." Brent offered.
"But you need all the names to make a family tree, just like you need all the leaves and branches in a real tree."

"I would have named my girls Cheryse Marie, Lucy Emilia, and Doug's name would have been Charles--butyour dad said that made his initials awkward so we called him Carl instead? Inever figured out that line of reasoning."

The cousins travel back in time,to become acquainted with family. "These aren't Jacobs--they are Hoblits--"

Texas star quilt of Grace's found at UIcle Emits, cut up and gave a square to each of four siblings, is used as a steady link through time travel. No need for Universal translators in this ancestry, all speek some version of English.

KEvin, CC, Lynae and Brent go to Camp Verde and meet Marie, Erica and Lynda==same age, hear louella's stories ask Glenn again.

Monte gives his wrestling medals to Lynae for safe keeping, his other valuables to Brent. Wrestling shorts and ASU Dean's list parchment to Mom who puts them in the suitcase with her own Scottsdale High School mementos.

"You want to talk about changes?--after this, things will never be the same; when Monte comes back after two years he'll go away to college again. By then there might even be some more grand kids, and another year later, Bret will graduate and be thinking of his mission. But you my dear, you're not getting married until your
"You're wedding doll is 25."
"Is she?"
"Yes, just ask her. She went on a mission when she was 21, then went on to graduate school and then got married and she is very happy. Just remember that when you see her.”
“So is Jenny's 25 too?”
"Yup. but Jenny didn't listen to her doll’s advice."

"OK, Mom, whatever you say."

Frank Elmer and Grace Jacobs: Turn the Hearts of the Children IV (preview)

Lynae paraded across the living room in the long white dress. "Was this your wedding dress, Mom?" she asked, already knowing full well that it was.
"It's so pretty. ;You were this skinny when you got married?"
Yep, 121 pounds. Hard to believe with these fifty extra pounds I've been carrying around. I am heaver now that when I was full term with any of my babies! And I've already lost about 25 pounds since last summer."
“Did you ever see your mother's wedding dress?”
“No she didn't really have one. She and Daddy were married at a justice of the peace in August, 1940.”
“Lot's of things seem to happen in August. We always have to go back to Dad's, school starts, Indians rebel and colonists return to Santa Fe twelve years later. "
Brent pretended to count casually on his fingers.
“School used to start after Labor Day and end before Memorial day the last of May. I don't know when they started beginning in August. I think when I was about your age, eighth or ninth grade.”
“You and Dad had a nice wedding didn’t you?”
“Yeah, simple but nice, in Mesa Arizona.”
“So Your parents were married in New Mexico, our parents in Arizona, and where was Grandpa Glen married?”
“Which time?”
“He was married more than once?”
“Three times, Mother was the third.”
“Oh, yeah, I remember you had a half sister and a half niece so you and
Aunt Marie together made a whole aunt.”
“And before Grandpa Jacobs, where were his parents married.
“I'd have to get out the genealogy books for any further back--they lived in San Antonio Texas, but that was after Daddy was born, so they came from South Dakota. Maybe they were married there. Let's look it up in Grandma Jacobs’ '"black book."
[Monte's here with the two teen agers during an interaction with history and ancestors at Grace and Frank's wedding starting with story of her stamping her foot]

George Jacobs I trial:Turn the Hearts of the Children IV (preview)

Besides all the other changes Lynae had been equipped with braces before returning to school in the fall. "Well, at least when I meet kids at my new school, they won't all be saying "When did you get braces? And my gaps aren't so big now. I get so embarrassed when people would say, “You should get braces!” or “Why are your teeth so far apart?”
"Well, what I was more concerned with was your big old under bite."
`"Yeah, I can put my top and bottom teeth together now; I couldn't do that before look." Lynae demonstrated her new found skill.
“My favorite change is having a place to unpack my books that have been in boxes for five years and getting my wooden chest back--thank you for taking care of it.” (Mom tells the story of chest made from Great Grandma’s dining table brought west in wagon.)

Mom left the room to change the laundry as Monte entered from his bedroom with his purple McDonald shirt on and cap in his hand, ready to leave for a day’s work.. "Oh, hello Ronald--I mean Monte--where's your big old shoes?"
Monte gritted his teeth but his face turned red betraying his annoyance and Brent knew she had him going. She continued to push his buttons until Monte threatened to use his national wrestling tournament skills to settle the dispute. Mom walked in on the budding argument.
"Take it outside" she said--I'm not going to interfere,-but if you have to fight don't do it in the house.”
Brent raced for the stairs with Monte close behind. Lynae watched out the widow and cried, "Mom Monte will hurt him."
"I don't think so, I think they are just wrestling and having some fun. Boys do that instead of hugging sometimes."
The weather had changed suddenly as was so often the case during this El Nino anomalies year and it began to snow. Lynae put her hand out feeling the flakes as she watched her brothers. Feeling left out and rather bold she leaped on top of the two boys and recognized the familiar spinning sensation as the wet grass gave way to an opening into the past.
"Young man, there can be no wrestling in the streets of Salem. Why aren't you in the court house like everyone else listening to the witch craft trials. It is old George Jacobs that is on trial today, and he will surely be hung. That will be more entertaining than a wrestling match in the dusty street.

[The three siblings witness the witch craft trial and hanging first hand.}